Esfinge de la Calavera

CADAVERIC FUMES - Dimensions Obscure (12" vinyl)

13 EUR
Compared to their earlier work on that split and the preceding demo, here on "Dimensions Obscure", Cadaveric Fumes forego the all-manic/all-the-time morbidity for a highly dynamic and nuanced take on Death Metal. Granted, flashes of mid ’80s insanity and early ’90s darkness remain, but a cool confidence is at play here, each passage measured to inflict both maximum cranial damage and spiritual atmosphere. These songs exude a patience and maturity most death metal bands take many albums to accomplish, if at all, and all without compromising the core values of total and utter DEATH METAL.

  Black / Death Metal
Coutry:  France 
Year: 2016
Label: Blood Harvest Records                        
Format: 12" black vinyl
Limitation: 200